Become A Member of the Frequent Dining Program

Frequent Dining Program

Become a member of our Frequent Dining Program! Every time you join us for lunch, brunch or dinner in one of our a la carte restaurants, present your Frequent Dining Card when you are paying your check. When your food purchases reach $250, we will reward you with a $25 gift certificate redeemable for future dining in our a la carte restaurants. Please ask your server for details and an application during your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the Frequent Dining Program?

When you dine with us, your server will give you a Frequent Dining Card and an application to complete. Your food purchases from this visit will be credited to your account.

How do I earn points?

Anytime you dine in one of our a la carte restaurants for lunch, brunch or dinner (including holidays), your food purchases will be credited to your account. The Frequent Dining program is not available for parties of 15 or more.

How will I receive my Frequent Dining Gift Certificates?

Within 7-10 days of having reach 250 points, your gift certificate will be mailed to the address you provided on your application.

When can I use my Frequent Dining Gift Certificate?

Frequent Dining Gift Certificates can be used in our a la carte restaurants during any meal period with the exception of Saturday evenings, the month of December and major holidays (Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve). Frequent Dining Gift Certificates are valid only in our a la carte restaurants and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Frequent Dining incentives or promotions. Frequent Dining Gift Certificates cannot be combined with any other discounts or for overnight accommodations, banquet payments, purchases of flowers or gift certificates and cannot be redeemed in Mrs. Penn’s Bake and Gift Shoppe.

How do I know how many points I have?

Simply check with your dining room manager during your next visit to obtain your account balance or call our offices at 215-699-9272.

What do I do if I forget my Frequent Dining Card?

No problem! Your server can look up your account number using your first and last names.

How do I know what my account number is?

Your unique five-digit Frequent Diner account number is printed on the back of your card in the lower right hand corner.

What do I do if I lose my Frequent Dining Card?

Please call our offices at 215-699-9272 and we can transfer your account to a new card.